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We are concentrated in cement, lime, chemical and paper industry.
Our service are dedicated to rotary kilns, dryers, coolers, incinerating plants, calciners, debarking drums etc.
We provide:
  • measurement of rotary drum support system’s alignment using unique measurement technology with high accuracy (including - as standard FEA - calculation of shell’s bending, stresses distribution, support loads and evaluating of axial forces coming from support rollers’ skews),
  • measurement and advanced analysis of shell’s technical state (including unique hidden crank detection method),
  • measurement and analysis of shell’s cyclical elastic deflections - ovality (including calculation of real resultant stresses),
  • roller’s and tire’s raceways resurfacing (but we treat this service as emergency; our policy is to determine the source or raceways’ wear and to establish such object’s conditions in which next grinding will be necessary only after very long time of natural wear).
We feel responsible for what we find out and recommend to You and we offer as well our supervision over each correction activity we suggested (adjustment, repair, modernization).

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